Friday, June 27, 2008

Eco Gili Island

Eco warning for Gili Islands

Combination of many problems ( global warming, storms,deforestation,human destruction as pollution,ignorant anchoring, and destructive) the natural reef,especially in the shallow water, have suffered devastating damage.

Becouse of this the Gili eco trust was formed to try and help protect these wonderful islands and encourage a more environmental friendly atmosphere.

Many ecological projects and much effort have already started to try to address these problems, but as usual it is never enough,and more needs to be done to protect this natural wonder.


BIO-ROCKstructures have been installed the coasts of the Gili Island,thanks to the efforts and generous funding of local businesses.
BIO-ROCK is an artificial structure which has live coral attached to it,aided by an electrical current to support this coral it gradually develops into a strong reef system which helps support the vast variety of marine life in the water of the gilis and also help to prevent the incresing issue of erosion.More of these structures are needed, the fifth Biorock workshop will be held on gili trawangan,from the 1st to 7th of desember 2008.The objective of the workshop to fight the erosion and regenerate the shallow reefs around the 3 gili islands.


As ith many places, waste is a constant issue for the Gili Island. please help to set a good example by dis posing of your rubbish responsibly , take your rubbish with you from the beach , the sea is not a waste bin on an ashtry if there are no bins available please take your waste with you until you find one ask to your guide to keep there.


All of the island have harbour areas dedicated anchoring areas,if you have aboat or are visiting on a live aboard, please ensure that the boats areresponsibly moored.Anhors are one of largest reasons for coral destruction i 3 islands.


- Dispose Of Waste In Bis,Refill your Water Bottle
- If Snorkeling please Ensure You Dont touch,Kick Or Stand On Coral Even If You Think It Is Just Rock
- Do Not Touch Any Of The Marine Life Including Turtles!!
- Donate As Mush As You Can So We Can Run More Valuable Projects

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